Teeth Straightening

At Circle Dental, we provide tried and tested ways of straightening teeth as well as the latest in orthodontic technology.

The braces we provide at Circle Dental include:

The orthodontic service is provided by Dr Vab, who as part of his orthodontic training has a Certificate in Orthodontics from the renowned University of Warwick and is studying for his Masters degree. In addition he is a certified provider for several of the above mentioned teeth straightening systems. To learn more about the systems, please click on the links above.

What are the differences between the systems?

The most commonly used teeth straightening systems can be generalised into removable and fixed appliances.

Invisalign and Inman Aligner are removable systems. As the name suggests removable braces that can be inserted and removed by the patient at will. Although, for the system to work efficiently, patient compliance is paramount and removal only advised during toothbrushing, appliance cleaning and eating. In addition, Invsialign system is considered almost invisible. However, they may not be suitable for all cases as the movement they produce can be limited.

The fixed braces are often deemed the gold standard for teeth straightening, since they are able to produce the most comprehensive range of movements. However, it does involve wearing a visible fixed appliance so at Circle Dental we offer a range of tooth coloured braces for our more discerning patients.

Why is there such a range of fixed brace options?

Traditionally and predominantly, fixed braces were available at specialist orthodontic clinics. However, with the introduction of systems such as Six Month Smiles and Fastbraces, general dental practitioners are now able to offer similar fixed brace options to their patients. In essence, systems such as Six Month Smiles are the same as traditional braces but work quicker due to the use of different archwire sequences.

Self-ligating systems such as Damon and Empower work by applying light continuous forces, this enables widening of the teeth arch; this not only helps to produce beautiful wide smiles but also may avoid unnecessary tooth removal in crowded cases.

Why choose Circle Dental for your braces?

Dr Vab can offer the quicker systems such as Six Month Smiles and Fastbraces as well as, a wider range of comprehensive systems available mainly at a specialist orthodontist. Combined with his interest in cosmetic dentistry, he is in a unique position to offer a complete package to our adult orthodontic patients. For example, straightening teeth, whitening followed by tooth coloured fillings, for a complete smile makeover.

Some examples of treatments completed at Circle Dental

Patient was unhappy with gaps in between the teeth. Following comprehensive brace treatment all gaps were closed without the need for fillings or veneers.

Patient requested straight teeth in time for her wedding. She was unhappy with the front tooth sticking out. After comprehensive orthodontic treatment using Empower braces, we had a happy smileypatient.

For more examples of teeth straightening carried out at Circle Dental, please visit our facebook page.